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Antoni Gaudí i Cornet (1852-1926), born in Reus, Spain, was an immensely influential Spanish architect and one of the greatest figures of Catalan Modernisme. Gaudí developed a highly distinctive style that built upon the traditions of Islamic, Gothic, and Baroque architecture. His seven major works have been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage sites. His creations not only reflected the characteristics of his era but also transcended his time.

In 2023, China and Spain will celebrate the 50th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations. Through a strategic collaboration between Meet You Museum and the Tourism Bureau of Reus, the "Meet Gaudí" exhibition was introduced to China for the first time as part of a nationwide tour. This exhibition aims to bring the creative journey of a global master and the history of world cultural heritage to the Chinese audience, serving as a bridge to promote cultural exchange between the East and the West.

The "Meet Gaudí" exhibition will present a comprehensive retrospective of the personal life and professional career of this esteemed Spanish architect through more than 200 diverse exhibits. Chinese visitors will have the opportunity to closely examine the creative journey behind world-renowned architectural masterpieces. The exhibition will showcase Gaudí's evolution from his student works to iconic structures such as the Sagrada Família, Casa Vicens, and Casa Batlló. Visitors will have access to sketches, models, architectural materials, and other artifacts related to these classic buildings. Additionally, the exhibition will feature tools used by Gaudí in architectural design, replicas of furniture and crafts designed by Gaudí, historical photos, architectural videos, and Gaudí's inspirational notes, providing an immersive experience into his architectural world.

Exhibits Source

As guardians of important works and heritage sites of Antoni Gaudí, as well as institutions dedicated to preserving and disseminating the legacy of his life and creations, Spanish cultural preservation units such as Casa Vicens, Casa Botines, Le Caprice de Gaudí, Museo de Historia y Arte de Reus, Centre Gaudí Reus, Casa Pairal Gaudí de Riudoms and Arxiu Municipal Contemporani de Barcelona have all contributed exhibit items and academic support for this exhibition.

Beijing Zhongchuang Culture and Tourism Industry Group

Reus Gaudí Center, Spain

Art Exhibitions China
China Arts and Entertainment Group Ltd.
Reus City Tourism Bureau

Hosted by:
Meet You Museum

Cooperative institut and Exhibit Source:
Casa Vicens
Casa Botines
Le Caprice de Gaudí
Museo de Historia y Arte de Reus
Centre Gaudí Reus
Casa Pairal Gaudí de Riudoms and Arxiu Municipal Contemporani de Barcelona
BCN Art Services

Beijing 798

Exhibition Period
2023.07.30 — 2023.11.12

Past Touring Exhibitions
2023.03.21 — 2023.07.02



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