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Meet You Museum is a cultural and art brand owned by Zhong Chuang Tourism and Culture Group. The organization is committed to collaborating with major international art institutions to create a world-class touring museum. In 2021, it held many exhibitions successfully in Beijing, such as Meeting Ukiyo-e: A Glance of the Edo Period, Meet Raphael: From Renaissance to Neoclassicism, Meet Ancient Egypt: The Golden Mummies, Meet Dunhuang: Digital Art Exhibition, and Meet Chagall: Love and Color. These exhibitions have received over 1 million visitors and hundreds of millions of exposure.

The Meet You Museum is expected to host 8-10 exhibitions with world-famous masterpieces in 2022 to offer a broader range of art to its audience. In addition, its self-owned exhibition halls will create an immersive experience area for the artistic network and the public, creating a cultural-ecological space that will be popular with the young.

With the vision of bringing museums worldwide to your side and providing the public with a range of high-quality artistic and cultural products, Meet You Museum will remain committed to spreading culture and creating a more beautiful future.

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